Areas of Practice


Estate Planning


Regardless of one’s assets or net worth, every person needs to have a written estate plan in place to ensure their wishes are followed, during life, and after death. Whether it is a Living Trust, a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directive, or a combination of them all, let our team of attorneys help you determine what documents meet your needs.

A basic estate plan addresses aspects relating to the transfer of assets to one’s heirs upon death, as well as ensuring that assets can be managed during any time of the client’s incapacity. One of the most important goals is to keep loved ones from having to go through the expense and stress of the Court process in order to ensure specific wishes are honored.

Our firm focuses on a ‘big picture’ approach to ensure that the assets acquired during lifetime pass to intended heirs with minimal cost and hassle.


Trust Administration


Administering a Trust, following the death of a loved one can often be a stressful process for those left behind. Beyond the legal obligations and responsibilities, there are often complex family and financial relationships that must be navigated in order to resolve the trust estate in a quick and efficient manner.

There are certain procedures to follow to administer a trust when the trust-creator (settlor) either becomes incapacitated, or dies. Although a trust typically alleviates the need to go to court, trustees often times need experienced advisors to ensure the trustee complies with his or her legal obligations under the trust.

We are able to assist our trustee clients with any and all of the trust administration process. We are able to customize assistance from the start of the trust administration through its conclusion, based on the needs of the trustee client. We pride ourselves in providing our trustee clients peace of mind in their role as trustee.




Sometimes, going to Probate Court to settle an estate is unavoidable. If a person dies with only a Will, or if they die without any estate planning in place, it is highly likely that a court order will be required to transfer their property to their heirs. This court process is called “Probate”.

The probate court (like most courts in California) is overburdened. A typical probate can take a year (or more) to wind its way through the court process. Probate has a variety of legal requirements including (but not limited to) notification of heirs and creditors, publishing notice, appraising assets of the estate and ultimately coordinating distribution to heirs. Mistakes made by inexperienced practitioners, or unrepresented executors, often times result in time-consuming and expensive delays in the process.

Our attorneys are experienced in the rules and procedures of the court. Although probate is lengthy and difficult, our team can carry the burden of the process and complete it as efficiently as possible.


Business Law


We understand that typically, a business owner’s primary focus is on the livelihood of the business. However, a business can be vulnerable if the “legal stuff” is not properly planned, executed and maintained.

Our firm works with business clients to ensure that the formalities of running a business are not a hindrance to success. Whether it be the formation of a new Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, contract review, sale of a business, or other corporate matter, our team of experienced attorneys will offer guidance and peace of mind. Your business is as important to us as it is to you; your business is our business.